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How Design Live: Designing for a connected world

March 2021

On online keynote for this USA based design conference. I received some wonderful feedback from this talk, see below!

The march of the digital frontline seems to have relentlessly vaporized so much of what is around us and sent it to the cloud. With our heads now so often stuck in those clouds we seem to be losing touch of what is physically around us; including each other. What if we could add a digital soul to everyday objects and design, prototype, and manufacture physical products almost as quickly as digital experiences? My work is a journey towards attempting to let some of this happen. Audience takeaways: an old-fashioned view of the future, adding a little extra to the ordinary and lessons from journeys through the forest. What did attendees take away from this session? Here are a few comments:

  • “Seriously, one of the best sessions I attended. It was like a history of bringing thought into reality with the physical items on show.”

  • “How much I didn’t realize design could do. I am definitely going to get my hands on some of these pieces so I can explore her work.”

  • “I want to re-watch this! There are several quotes to live by and I really want to share this session with friends. “Embrace friction to give my life more meaning” rang very true for me. Kate has just made my list of top people to hang out with if ever given the chance. Thank you, Kate

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