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For the first half of my life the thought of public speaking terrified me! My younger self would not believe I am now far more comfortable on a stage in front of 1,000 people than making small talk in a room with 10!


Everything changed the day I discovered the power of sharing a story rather than giving a 'talk'. 


My speaking style is relaxed, confident, open and vulnerable; I form a bond with an audience. Typically without slides or script; my story telling delivers clear impactful messages.

I think deeply about what I speak about, bringing insights to an audience from my life experiences. 


Presently my main talk is titled 'Six Reasons the Future Might Look More Like the Past Than the Present'. I explore what the future might look like if we truly understood what makes us and our environment thrive and we built a future of our dreams rather than sleep walk into a dystopian future of our nightmares.


I also give talks on the journey of a technology founder, in which I bring many live interactive demos to the stage and share the story of how for the last twenty years I have blended science, art, technology and design and built a team to exploit and add color to my inventions. 


I occasionally talk about the challenges of overcoming adversity and diversity as a woman enduring a male dominated technology and business world.


Another rather dramatic talk tells the story of being gored through the throat by a wild deer in a remote part of Scotland and waking up from a coma to headlines fixated on me being a trans woman; I came out the other side with my head held high, a louder voice and respected by the British Press. 

My talks touch on creativity, technology, diversity, and spirituality, as well as using kindness and embracing our true selves as superpowers.

Meeting the team at TED and sharing stories from their stage twice (2013, 2018) was a huge privilege. However, speaking in various schools in the USA and Europe or a basketball stadium of 5,000 young creatives in Argentina was equally rewarding.

I have spoken several times at SXSW and several music festivals such as Life is Beautiful (Las Vegas) and Green Man (Wales), and many advertising industry events (NextM) and corporate talks such as Facebook (Meta), Publicis, Virgin Group, the UN and several Universities. Over 50 talks in the last five years.

I receive wonderful feedback not just on the relaxed and playful speaking style but also how the stories put words to thoughts many of us are experiencing, especially on finding of meaning in our lives.

I’m the speaker that makes you glad you attended an event; sending you home inspired, provoked and challenged to live and see life differently.

For bookings please email or use the contact form.

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