Hi! I'm Kate

I describe myself as a creative scientist because we all fit in more than one box. I studied electronics and physics, these give my work structure and discipline, however my true skill is creativity. Creatively using whatever I find around me to solve any problem I encounter. My grandmother told me to 'cut your coat from the cloth at hand'. 

I founded and run a company called Novalia, we create interactive posters and other everyday objects that embody the magic of interactivity and connectivity. Posters that talk, books that turn in to pianos and walls that play music. I am Chair of the Executive board of the MIDI Association and sit on the Editors Code of Practice Committee to help keep an eye on what the UK press determine to be acceptable.  

I live in the USA with my daughter. I love to travel and discover adventure; every journey gives my insights into myself and what it means for all of us to be human. I'm always on a journey to discover who we are and why we might be here. 

I have the immense privilege of sharing some of these insights on stages at events around the world in the form of keynotes. 


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