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3% Conference Atlanta

I cant believe its been a year! Almost a year ago in Atlanta I was invited to deliver a keynote to The 3% Conference in Atlanta. Not just a conference but a movement to increase the numbers of female creative directors. After a decade of dedication this movement has made more than a dent. It was privilege to share my stories on their stage. My first in person talk since the COVID lockdown. I saw a few smiling faces of people I knew in the audience as well as a glowing warmth on the faces of people Id never met. This, as usual, was fun! (at least for me!)

The talk I have developed during and inspired by the pandemic is titled 'six reasons the future might look more like the past than the present'. As I consider what makes me happy, brings me meaning and how humans work I started to think what would a world designed to enable us to thrive look like. These are my developing thoughts on this. They are feelings you already have in a flow of words you may not have heard.

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