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Everything Jam - LA

I wanted to hang out with other creatives and Jam with electronic music, I started doing in this in an incredible space in LA in 2021. Originally some drums, keyboards, guitars and laptops with Ableton. But I'm bit of a geek and kind of extra. So I started to see how many cell-phones I could link together and use to livestream. Then I wondered how many projectors I could use at one time and what happens if we link them to the output of the sound. And what if we dress up? Add some lights, smoke machines and lasers!

Then I thought let's just Jam with everything! When do we get to play with things, when do we get to be creative, whacky, not on a deadline and if everything goes wrong its just even better!  

I must confess, I don't play a single instrument, but I love hanging out with other creative people and seeing what happens. It's a time to be free, not be an expert and perhaps, accidentally have your next great idea or find someone to work with you'd never normally meet.

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