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My first TED adventure

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Around seven years ago I had the huge privilege of being invited to share my work on the TED main stage. The year I spoke was the last year that theTED annual event was held at Long Beach, CA before moving to Vancouver.

During the talk I discussed how in my early life I played with technology that mostly resulted in pulling apart my siblings toys and running various wires under my bedroom carpet. I go on to describe how I moved to Australia when I was 20 and accidentally became a sheep herder.

I wanted to create something really quite different to show in the talk so I decided to create a set of working DJ decks from paper and demo them live on stage, what could possibly go wrong!

TED wrote a blog on how they 'discovered' me in a London bar.

I was also included in a blog written by TED discussing who gets to choose if you are an inspiration.

DJ QBert saw the DJ decks I used in my talk and we subsequently collaborated, my team and I created the cover for his next album which included a set of working Bluetooth DJ decks.

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